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Personnel Policy

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To all staff:

Welcome you to join the big family of Furi Electronics! 

Fujian Furi Electronics Co., Ltd, one of the key enterprises of electronic information industry in FujianProvince, listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in May 1999. (Stock Name: Furi Electronics, Stock Code: 600203)

The predecessor of our company is the first Sino-foreign joint venture in national electronics industry, which is a banner of the reform and opening-up ofFujianprovince. TV products of “Furi” were once renowned throughout the country. Listing more than 10 years, it has experienced the baptism of reform and opening up and the test of market economy. Through resource integration, asset restructuring, structural adjustment, the company has successfully realized strategic transformation from traditional TV enterprise, formed some main industries in the area of LED photoelectric, green environmental protection, communication and smart appliances and domestic trade supply chain.

Base on the strategic development goals that build our company into a first-class energy-saving and environmental protection high-tech enterprise, we hope you can abide by the company's core values and business philosophy, work together with company and create a more brilliant tomorrow for Furi Electronics. The company concerns the career development of every employee all the time; provide staff a good working environment, training opportunities and development platform. You can give full play to your intelligence, work hard and actively participate in various training and study, strive to be an excellent talent in the area of management and professional technology from an ordinary employee, and finally realize the value of life and career dreams.

Our concept on talents 

Have both ability and political integrity, make proper use of the talents, use as it values, give full scope to the talents.

Employees’ rights

        1. The company must sign a labor contract with employees after formal employment, employees shall enjoy all the rights provided by the Labor Law of People's Republic of China.

        2. The company hires staff according to position's need and follow the recruitment process, the company staff are prior under the same condition, that is, first consider internal recruitment.

        3. Internal recruitment and results must be open to ensure fair competition.

        4.  Employees will not be discriminated because of the difference of nation, race, gender and religious belief.

        5. Employees have the right to get rewards according to their labor; the paid shall not be lower than the lowest local wage standard in this region. Wages should be paid monthly to employees themselves in the form of currency and shall not be deducted or delayed without justification.

        6. Employees shall have the right to obtain remuneration in the period of statutory holidays, marriage and death, and participating in social activities according to law.

        7. Employees have the right to obtain labor safety, health and protection. The company must provide employees with safety and healthy labor conditions and necessary labor protection products in conformity with state provisions.

        8. Employees have the right to enjoy social insurance and welfare.

        9. Employees have the right to participate in the democratic management of enterprise. Also, they have the right to propose reasonable suggestions, participate in the activities of the workers' congress and other business activities as required, complain about the unfair treatment of direct superiors and discipline violations of company leaders.      

       10.  Employees have the right to appeal for labor dispute solution; the party can apply for mediation to the staff and workers' congress. If mediation is failed, it shall have the right to directly apply for arbitration from labor dispute arbitration committee for arbitration if one party requests.

       11. Employees will enjoy other labor rights stipulated by state law.

Basic standards and behavior regulations for employees

Employee basic standards

       1. Love motherland, love people, support Communist Party of China, vindicate national dignity, honor and interests, and protect people's lives and property.

       2.  Learn, understand and consciously abide by party discipline and state law, abide by the rules and regulations of company, strive to be a good citizen and employee.

       3. Identify with company culture, adhere to value concepts, jointly build a united, progressive, civilized, self-disciplined, sincerity, pragmatic staff team.

      4. Be loyal to enterprise, love the collective. Pay attention to the operation of company and propose comments and suggestions on the development of company, maintain the company's normal work, business order and promote the growth of employees and company, make maximized contribution to the profit of company.

       5.Be devoted to your work and duty. Be responsible for the work you undertake, do not be perfunctory and evasive, keep innovating, strengthen service, work efficiently and strive for first-class performance.  

       6. Keep learning and update knowledge. Do not stick to conventions and be stuffy, constantly pursue new frontier knowledge both inside and outside the industry. Put your knowledge into practice and go beyond yourself, unceasingly improve and enhance management and other professional skills.

      7. Be unity and honest. Advocate simple, harmonious, healthy interpersonal relationships and keep good communication with each other. Promote the morality of tolerance, humility, affinity and humility, frank communication between superiors and subordinates, friendly cooperation between departments, harmony between colleagues. Keep mutual respect and encouragement, be fair and honest, and do not stir up enmity. 

       8. Perform duties honestly, do not be swayed by personal considerations and benefit yourself at the expense of taking over interests of company.

       9. Be glad to devote, willingly bear the burden of hard works, always first consider the company's interests regardless of personal gain or loss, be happy and proud for making more contributions. 

       10. Keep secret, scrupulously abide by morality, strictly observe the company's confidentiality regulations and properly keep company information.

       11.  Comply with regulations, keep safe first, actively create a safe environment, protect yourself, others and company property.

       12.  Set up a good habit of thrift, practice economically and oppose waste.

       13. Lay emphasis on environmental protection and landscaping, pay attention to health and keep healthy.

Employee behavior regulations

IGrooming standard

       1. During the working period, maintain a good mental state and positive work enthusiasm, keep well-groomed of appearance, wear natural look and smiling, and be generous and polite.

       2. Wear formal dress and company logo uniformly during work time, shorts and slippers   are banned here.  Do not wear outlandish clothing with strange color and more exposed parts that is unbecoming with the environment of office and production areas and does not meet safety requirements.

      3. Dress as requested when attending a meeting or activity.

IILanguage norms

       1. Communicative language: Speak Mandarin, use civilized language, and speak kindly and friendly. When dealing with external affairs, use the polite expressions such as “Hello”, “Welcome”, “Please”, “Please wait a moment”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me”, “Goodbye”, “please take a good” and so on. Be serious and polite to call your colleagues and generally call their name, position and professional title.

      2. Telephone language: Answer phone in time, the ringing should not be more than three times. First use “Hello! Furi Electronics, please......”with gentle tone and moderate volume when talking, do not make loud noise or quarrel on telephone so as not to influence the order of work. If the one he is looking for is out, let him leave a message, then listen carefully and jot down the main points when he is telling you. If you don't hear clearly, ask him to repeat in time and politely say goodbye at the end of talking. For all the calls from outside company, you should put the receiver down after their hanging up.

       3. Reception language: Use the expressions such as “Hello! Please wait a moment.”, “Please have a seat, let me make a notification” when receiving the guests of company.

IIIBehavior norms 

       1. In reception work, each employee should be active, enthusiastic, courteous and articulate, do well in answering and recording work. Notify relevant supervisor in time if the work exceeds processing authority.

       2. During the reception, use the company's uniformly printed letters, envelopes and business cards to show the company's good image.

       3. Reception and keeping of business cards: while receiving guests and exchanging business cards, turn the side with words towards the other with both hands out, tell him your name as you hand it in. Pick up with both hands when receiving business card, look at it immediately after taking up it, and then put away the business card until you remember his name correctly. Ask immediately if there are difficulties to recognize the characters of his name.

       4. Move lightly when standing up. Gently push back the chair in place when leaving to keep the office area quiet and tidy.

       5.  The walking step should not be haste, no running in office area (except emergency situations), keep on the right of stairs. Be courtly and modest to your boss and guests if you meet them in passageway, corridors, elevators and other public occasions, let ladies and guests go first.

       6.  Smile and nod when employees meet each other.

       7. Employees should knock at the door before being allowed to enter the office. After entering the room, wait quietly and do not whip in if he is talking. Seize the time and say “Excuse me” if you have urgency to interrupt him. Do not leave your post without permission and chat with each other because of non-work items.

       8. It is forbidden to speak loudly in office area and use uncivilized language and actions during working time.

       9. It is forbidden to stir up enmity, meet with curses, discredit colleagues and express opinions in an offensive and demeaning manner.

      10. Keep working area, equipment and working tables clean and neat, place files in order.

       11. Smoking, spiting everywhere and dropping litter carelessly are prohibited in the places where there are no smoking signs.

       12. To keep strict confidential system, it is not allowed to disclose commercial secrets of company without permission.

       13. To maintain company image, it is not allowed to publicly express personal opinions in the name of company without permission. Other activities are also prohibited to be carried out in the name of the company in addition to fulfilling the company's assigned tasks.





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