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Domestic Trade Supply Chain

2015/12/8 9:53:39 Times


      Fujian Furi Industrial Development Co., Ltd., one of wholly-owned subsidiaries for domestic trade supply chain of Fujian Furi Electronic Co., Ltd., adopts modes of capital operation and strategic alliance, focusing on building supply chain service platforms with project business covering fields like “communication products, steel supply, chemical products, petrochemical products, household appliances, digital equipment and import & export trade”. The supply chain service platforms are from three major supply chains: circulation and consumption supply chain mainly formed by communication products like mobile phone, digital products like computer and household appliances; procurement supply chain mainly formed by infrastructure-based substance for state-owned construction enterprises (such as CREC, CRCC, CSCEC, etc.); commodity supply chain formed by petrochemical and chemical products.

     Substance supply:

       The company cooperated with large state-owned enterprises such as CREC, CRCC, CTG, CSCEC, and other major state-owned enterprises, and supplied steels to the national key projects and downstream wholesalers. The steel projects of state large-scale infrastructure engineering supplied by this company are: Yongxiu-Wuning highway, Longquan-Pucheng highway, Renhuan-Chishui highway and Zhangzhou-Yongan highway; Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou high-speed rail line and Hefei-Wenzhou high-speed rail line; Ningbo circle highway, Jinjishan tunnel and other buildings and infrastructure projects.

      Mobile communication:

Communications equipment business includes wholesale and retail of electronic and digital products. Business is mainly distributed in Fuzhou and the surrounding areas, and it is project partners of China Unicom and China Mobile. The company attaches great importance to manufacturers’ cooperation, mainly operating Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Cooldpay and other first-line brand products. It purchases jointly from Telling, Aiside, China Unicom Vsence and other national agent channels, to provide product with quality assurance and price advantage. At the same time, it sales to the mobile phone distributors, by strictly controlling the procurement and sales channels to improve customer service quality energetically.


Petrochemical focuses on cooperating with large-scale petrochemical enterprises to carry out petrochemical products business, and it carries out trade projects with downstream like textile raw materials manufacturers and energy distribution enterprises.

The company boasts a group of foreign trade and economic talents with rich experiences, responsibility and courage, creating foreign trade and economic platform with “high-quality foreign trade services, good operation environment and abundant economic power”. Its business supply covers: agent for buying and selling electronic products, machinery and equipment, mechanical & electrical products, electronic components and related technology development and services; sales of feed (excluding additives), fish meal, chemical products (excluding chemical hazard); self-operated and agent for import and export business of various goods and technologies, but exclude for the goods and technologies limited or forbidden to be imported and exported by the government. It mainly exports shoes, clothing, electrical and mechanical products throughout the United States, the European Union, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries & regions around the world. The company upholds the business principle of "integrity and trustworthy, cooperation and win-win", relying on the its strong operating strength of listed company to provide our clients with qualified and reliable import and export trade services.

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