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Photovoltaic power station (solar photovoltaic power generation project) for Provincial Department o

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Project Location: Fuzhou City,FujianProvince

        Project Scale: The project includes one main office building, one supporting business house A and one supporting business house B. In which, the area of the position where the solar photovoltaic panels are placed is 1,500 m2 on the roof of the main office building; 600 m2 on the roof of supporting business room A; 1,000 m2 on the roof of supporting business room B.

  Technology: Roof photovoltaic power station: integrated business building and supporting business house A adopt normal way to closely connect to the roof with installed capacity of 176kW; supporting business house B adopts way of connecting to the existing structure of the roof with installed capacity of 129.6 kW, so the total installed capacity of this project is 305.6 kWp. Solar cell module matrix is combined by 940 (240Wp) modules and 320 (250Wp) modules with the total occupying roof area of about 3,100 square meters. The electricity which generated by the system is to meet power consumption for office electricity and other equipment in the integrated business office building and two business supporting houses.



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