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Lighting engineering equipment and installation projects for improvement of night scene on Minjiang

2015/12/16 10:58:56 Times



Project Name: Lighting Engineering Equipment and Installation Projects for Improvement of Night Scene on Minjiang Riverbanks (Minjiang Bridge - Exhibition Island)

       Lighting Engineering Equipment and Installation Projects For Improvement of Night Scene On Minjiang Riverbanks (Minjiang Bridge - Exhibition Island) located in beautiful Minjiang river between Taijiang district and Cangshan district of Fuzhou city of Fujian Province. It reflected folk customs via refining paper umbrellas, fishing light, bodiless lacquerware, and other elements as expression; It reflected docking of humanity and technology mainly by presenting the development of modern technology and modern life; It created paradise on earth by using clouds, rainbow and other elements for the expression. Through the display of historical humanities, marine culture, regional culture, with the nostalgia, smooth, quiet and elegant lighting color, it composed a volume of lighting picture with mystery and mood focusing on rendering the theme of "City of mountain, sea, culture and boat" .

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