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Furi Electronics' Party branches organized the Party members to visit Gu Wenchang Memorial

2016/11/28 17:28:54 Times


In order to carry out the “Two Studies, One Action” learning and education in a deep-going way, learn the spirit of Gu Wenchang, and bring the exemplary role of Party members into full play, on November 13, the Party branch of Furi Electronics organized the Party members to pay a visit to Gu Wenchang cemetery and Gu Wenchang Memorial, Dongshan County.

 Through the commentator’s guide and narration, everyone visited Gu Wenchang Memorial with the feelings of admiration. The exhibition hall consisted of seven parts: Former Dongshan, Put Mass First in Administration, Hard Work, Committed to the Development, Dongshan Today, Permanent Memory, by using pictures, objects, models, faithfully reproduced touching stories, in the fifties and sixties of last century, Gu Wenchang and Dongshan County People's took ten years of hard work for planting trees to govern desert for the benefit of the people. After visiting Memorial, we paid a visit to Grave of Gu Wenchang. In front of the stature of Gu Wenchang, we organized new party members to solemnly swear to the party flag and reviewed the oath of the party with old party members together. The oath let hearts of party members to be baptized and party spirit to be improved.

     Through this visit, party members expressed their intention to carry forward the revolutionary spirit and scientific work attitude of Gu Wenchang and to make a positive contribution to the company development by hard working and practical action.


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